about Miku

Jun 24, 2015


  • name: Miku (みく)
  • education
    • master’s degree: Master of Informatics, human error, default security, risk management
    • bachelor’s degree: Bachelor of Science in Mathematical Science, NP-hard, operations research
    • high-school: course of accounting
  • major certifications
    • Certified Auditor for Information Security-Assistant
    • Information Security Specialist Examination
    • High School Specialized Teacher’s Certificate (Informatics)
    • The Official Business Skill Test in Bookkeeping 2nd Grade
    • Test in Color Coordination 2nd Grade

My Accounts

  • E-Mail: e-mail
  • GitHub: miramiku
  • Twitter: @miramiku <!–
  • MMORPG: Wizardry Online
    world soul name
    エストール みくε (most active)
    †Liberal† みく


My Favorites

  • animals: penguin
  • anime: ef
  • fashion: sailor looks
  • formula: \(I = - \log_{\alpha} p\)
  • literature: Les Misérables
  • loves: nail polishes, leg wears
  • movie: CLOUD ATRAS
  • music: Servants of the Mountain
  • painter: Rembrandt Harmensz van Rijn
  • song: La Fiesta
  • sports: badminton
  • tanka: さびしさに 宿をたち出でて ながむれば いづこも同じ 秋の夕暮れ (Ryosen)
  • video game: FINAL FANTASY XII